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Wednesday, July 12th 2017, 2:16pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Ozone multi-step multiple elf load

Hi, To just load the second file without reset, you can use File.Load() instead of File.Open() and Debug.Download(). Best regards Johannes

Monday, July 10th 2017, 2:11pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Installation of Ozone on new computer crashes when attempting to view FreeRTOS threads

Hi, The FreeRTOS plugin in general works, so we would need more information to analyze the problem. Are you using the 64-bit or 32-bit version? Which version of FreeRTOS do you use? Would it be possible to provide your application elf file? Do you use a standard eval board or custom hardware? Could you provide a Ozone log file of a crashed session? (start Ozone with --logfile=<PathToLogfile>) Best regards Johannes

Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 11:47am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SystemView and freeRTOS

Hi, Regarding the 0 timestamps: This can happen when the DWT unit is not enabled. On Cortex-M3/4 the timestamp is generated from the DWT->CYCCNT, so the cycle counter needs to be enabled and to do this the DWT needs to be enabled as well. This is usually done by the debugger, but can also be done by the application. if ((CoreDebug->DEMCR & CoreDebug_DEMCR_TRCENA_Msk) == 0) { CoreDebug->DEMCR |= 1 << CoreDebug_DEMCR_TRCENA_Pos; // Enable DWT in DEMCR if not done, yet. } DWT->CTRL |= 1 << DWT_CTRL...

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 4:55pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Guidance on adding / using custom events

Hi, Sorry for the delay in response. Filter on specific API events from the OS or other modules can now be set with SystemView PRO. Otherwise it is only possible to show all or no API functions at all. The module description looks correct so far. In addition to M=<ModuleName> you can optionally add V=<VersionNumber>, other parameters are not supported. With module name and version number it is possible to load a description file to not need to describe all functions in the module description (an...

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 4:46pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

System View - J-Link Library not found

Hi, SystemView loads the most recent J-Link Software. If you have a restricted account and installed the J-Link Software with administrator credentials, it can happen, that the registry path to the J-Link software is not added to your users HKEY. The easiest solution is to copy the J-Link DLL into the SystemView installation directory. For more information, have a look at Best regards Johannes

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 4:41pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Help with SystemView

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Can you check that your target application is still running after you connected SystemView or called SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Start(). This issue is most commonly caused by a crash of the target application, for example because your stack sizes are too small. Best regards Johannes

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 4:36pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SystemView and variable CPU clock

Hi, Please excuse the delay in response. It is not possible to use SystemView with variable timestamp frequency, so you will need to provide a fixed frequency for the timestamp even when the CPU speed changes. In SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf.h SEGGER_SYSVIEW_GET_TIMESTAMP() is defined as simply returning the Cortex-M cycle counter. You can change this to call SEGGER_SYSVIEW_X_GetTimestamp() instead and implement this function in your application. You can for example use the SysTick timer as shown in SEGG...

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 4:25pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

ISR Number meaning

Hi, Thanks for the positive feedback, please excuse the delay. The interrupt ID used by SystemView is for Cortex-M devices the interrupt vector index, as read from the ICSR. Refer to SEGGER_SYSVIEW_GET_INTERRUPT_ID in SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Conf.h The first 16 indices are the generic Cortex-M vectors, followed by the target-specific vectors. So it is correct that device-specific interrupt 3 is recorded as 19. If SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR() is called from the application code no interrupt is active, ...

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 3:59pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SystemView and freeRTOS

Hi, Thanks for the positive feedback. You are right, in the SystemView FreeRTOS interface task information is only added or updated, but not removed. We will add this to the interface. find attached a preliminary version. Does this work for you? Regarding timestamps, the only reason why timestamps could be 0 is, when the timestamp configuration is not part of the recording. In the SystemView configuration make sure that SEGGER_SYSVIEW_SYNC_PERIOD_SHIFT fits with your SystemView buffer size. Try ...

Wednesday, June 21st 2017, 3:15pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SystemViewer can't find RTT Control Block unless debug session is in progress

Hi, If you select just a generic core, such as Cortex-M3, J-Link will usually be able to connect to your device. But to auto-detect the RTT Control Block, J-Link needs to know where the RAM is located. Therefore you need to either select your specific device (recommended) or specify the control block address or search range. For flash programming the same applies, the J-Link needs to know which device it is connected to. And for some devices special handling is necessary. So overall it is always...

Monday, June 19th 2017, 6:26pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

V250 no longer works

Hello, Thank you for the report. You are right, SystemView V2.50 currently needs the J-Link library to check for SystemView PRO licenses on connected J-Links. Since it should not be required to have the J-Link software installed, we will add a check for library presence before the license check. So with the upcoming version you should be able to use SystemView again without the J-Link Software. Best regards Johannes

Thursday, April 27th 2017, 11:04am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Ozone Window Configuration [Linux]

Hi Maxime, Thanks for the feedback. Ozone should save window size and location and in general this does work. Which Linux do you use? Is ~/.config/SEGGER/Ozone.conf present on your system? Best regards Johannes

Tuesday, April 11th 2017, 6:39pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

macOS Ozone V2.32 PKG Installer Issue

Hi, We tested this and everything works fine. Could it be possible that you have another somewhere on your machine? (i.e. from a manually extracted dmg) In this case macOS will overwrite this one instead of installing it in the given location. Best regards Johannes

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 11:32am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SES v3.12, C++, Constructor, Debug: 'Step into' always steps into 'Disassemlby' panel

Hi, The compiler probably added some preface (additional instructions) to the constructor without source information. If you continue stepping you should end up in the constructor in source and disassembly. Could you provide the disassembly Embedded STudio steps into, the call of the constructor and the constructor? Best regards Johannes

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 11:29am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Slow and unreliable keyboard input - disable suggestions box?

Hi, Quoted Thanks. Second question - is it possible to invoke the completion suggestion with some keyboard shortcut? Yes, as the description of the option says it is Ctrl+J. I do not see what the "actual problem" is if it's not the performance issue. Regards Johannes

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 11:20am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes


Hi, To prevent this error you will need to remove the compiler warning option -Wstrict-prototypes instead of negating it with -Wnostrict-prototypes The option is most commonly set on sloution level or project level in your project in the option Additional C/C++ Compiler Options. Once you removed the option you can re-add it to the Additional C Compiler Only Options Best regards Johannes

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 11:08am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SES STLPort - std::array, uint8_t, etc...

Hi Jan, To use an external standard library, such as newlib, you can disable the use of the Embedded Studio libraries in the the project options at Linker -> Library. The C++ STL functionality of STLPort 5.1.0 is provided in SEGGER Embedded Studio. To use STLPort you must put $(StudioDir)/include/stlport as the first entry in the User Include Directories project property. The STLPort is configured to not support long doubles and iostreams. Since STLPort is kindof old now and not well maintained ...

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 10:50am

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

SES - Freescale Kinetis KE Support Package

Hi, There will be an update to the Kinetis KE Support Package, soon. For now you can create a simple generic project for the MKE18Fxxx and add the system files you would need for example from the CMSIS-Pack. Best regards Johannes

Monday, March 27th 2017, 5:34pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Ozone - Linux HiDPI & theming - Qt5?

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Ozone is not ported to Qt5 but uses Qt4. But we will check what could be improved for HiDPI screens. Yes, some colours might be hard-coded, we will check again and change it to theme colours. Best regards Johannes

Tuesday, March 7th 2017, 12:03pm

Author: SEGGER - Johannes

Slow and unreliable keyboard input - disable suggestions box?

Hi, You can disable the code completion in the general options (Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> Programmer Assistance -> Display code Completion Suggestions While Typing). Best regards Johannes