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Friday, November 3rd 2017, 3:46pm

Author: jakub

[SOLVED] Nordic CLI over RTT - Debug Terminal problems

Hi, Problem with double characters can be simply fixed by switching off CLI echo on Nordic console side. More important issue is that some characters are "lost" between RTT Host and Putty when RTT session is started by JLink viewer or when debugging under SES.The same problem does not exist (all characters are printed correctly on PuTTY) when RTT session is started by JLink.exe. RTT config: 512 - upstream buffer 2x upstream buffer 16 - downstream buffer 2x downstram buffer Mode: skip if fifo ful...

Wednesday, June 7th 2017, 3:26pm

Author: jakub

[SOLVED] SEGGER_RTT_printf.c - improvement proposals

Dear SEGGER Team, I have been recently working with your printf implementation and I have following observations: 1. You are defining flag: "FORMAT_FLAG_ALTERNATE" but unfortunately action behind is not implemented. 2. You are implementing bahavior for flag "NRF_CLI_FORMAT_FLAG_LEFT_JUSTIFY" but only for digits and not for strings. Do you plan to update it in near future? Best regards, Jakub