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Friday, August 4th 2017, 3:32pm

Author: TillmannK

[SOLVED] Cortex M0+ NoOS Port Read Active Interrupt ID

Hello Im trying to port SystemView to the Coretex M0+ uC. I could send Task Info and Print to the SystemView Terminal but i have Problems to monitor the Interrupts. According to:…b/CIHFDJCA.html 4.3.3 Interrupt Control and State Register The VECTACTIVE Part of the ICSR Register is marked as Reserved. C/C++ Source code 1 SEGGER_SYSVIEW_GET_INTERRUPT_ID() ((*(U32 *)(0xE000ED04)) & 0x3F) Makro Returns 0 i think. If i try to use the SystemView Interupt Functi...