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Friday, April 8th 2016, 7:04pm

How can I access the ETB on a SAMA5D2 device using the Atmel-ICE?

I tried running Ozone and viewing the Instruction Trace window, but when it starts up, it reports:

Source code

*** J-Link V5.10g Warning ***
ETM RAWTRACE is not supported by the connected emulator.
Target does not have an ETB which could be used instead
*** J-Link V5.10g Warning ***

I know that the SAMA5D2 device has an ETB, so why does the tool report "Target does not have an ETB which could be used instead"?

Do I need to purchase a special license? If so, what license should I purchase?

Do I need to purchase a J-Link Base or J-Link Pro? If so, how can I be sure that this feature is supported?


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Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 11:31am


Trace (ETM and ETB) of the SAMA5D2 is not yet supported.
The SAMA5D2 is one of the first Cortex-A5 with trace and the handling of the trace unit has to be added.

Support will be added in a future version of the J-Link software.
To automatically get updates on new versions, subscribe to the J-Link notification list:

When the support has been added it will work with the SAM-ICE, too.

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