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Sunday, May 29th 2016, 5:39am

Support require to get GUIDRV_SH_MEM supported Stemwin library

Hello Folks,

I am working on a sharp memory LCD LS013B7DH06 and
STM32F4xx series’ MCU.

I need to get GUI working on that and for that I have
STemWin_Library_V1.1.2 But unfortunately it does not have support of GUIDRV_SH_MEM driver
API support as per this

So kindly guide me to get the support of GUIDRV_SH_MEM and
related driver’s API or let me know how can we get that ?

Also please let me know if there is any new version of
Stemwin is available which may have support of LS013B7DH06 LCD to get GUI

Any help on this would be greatly appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,

SEGGER - Schoenen

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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 1:23pm

Hello Rutvij,

I'm afraid, but I think this is not possible or at least not that easy.

The thing is that the STemWin version is emWin V5.28 (as far as I know) and the driver has been created with emWin V5.32. It might work when adding the driver files to version V5.28 but without any guarantee.

Additional to that, the driver is made for using with black and white displays and color is not supported, yet.

Further you have to purchase the driver, so I would suggest to contact us via for an offer.

Please understand that we are not responsible for the STemWin library. The STemWin binaries are created by ST and I suggest to contact them regarding a newer version.