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Friday, June 16th 2017, 3:25am

V250 no longer works

I have been using V242 under Linux (Centos 7). I just tried running V250 and it fails to run.

Could not open J-Link shared library. Exiting now.

Did the current version add a check for the J-Link library? I am running oneshot capture to memory with manual download on ARM7.

Is this an oversight or deliberate? I don't have or need the J-Link library for my target.

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SEGGER - Johannes

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Monday, June 19th 2017, 6:26pm


Thank you for the report.

You are right, SystemView V2.50 currently needs the J-Link library to check for SystemView PRO licenses on connected J-Links.

Since it should not be required to have the J-Link software installed, we will add a check for library presence before the license check.
So with the upcoming version you should be able to use SystemView again without the J-Link Software.

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