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Thursday, April 20th 2017, 1:19pm

[SOLVED] Publish Ozone code coverage report on Jenkins

Hi there,

I'm currently evaluating JTrace Pro/Ozone to generate code coverage reports of unit tests. As I understand, Ozone can be completaly controled by scripts. And therefore I was thinking to triggering a run by a Jenkins CI Server and publish the results in the end. Unfortunately the Cobertura plugin which I planed to use can not handle the Ozone generated files.

Before I go and write a script which will convert the txt file into a xml, does anybody know it this will work? Has anybody done this before?

Kind Regards

Johan T


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Friday, November 17th 2017, 10:46am

Was there ever any progress on this? I didn't notice the question until now, and we would also be interested in interfacing Jenkins and j-Trace. We only have a j-Trace now (probably not ideal), but would be willing to invest in a j-Trace Pro if this could be solved.


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Friday, November 17th 2017, 11:22am

Hello Johan,

Thank you for your inquiry.
It seems like this thread flew under our radar.
So sorry for the late response to this topic.

Generally the complete debug session in Ozone can be controlled through a script.
The particular code profile information can be exported with the function Profile.Export or Profile.ExportCSV (more information in the Ozone user manual).
For a complete code profile from the beginning to the end of the debug session we recommend using a J-Trace Pro.
If you are looking for upgrading your hardware we offer the trade in program:
That way you get a discount for the newer model.
Would that be of interest for you?

Best regards,