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Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 7:17pm

[SOLVED] J-Link Debug Probes

J-Link Debug Probes
I have J-Link EDU -JTAG/SWD. Is it possible to use it for Arduino UNO or ZERO debugging (using Atmel Studio 7).
If yes what type of adaptor/Cable I need?
The same question I have when using "EDU Mini". On Arduino board there is 6 pins (2x3) with 0.1"x0.1" spacing (SPI Header).


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Wednesday, December 6th 2017, 9:16am


Thank you for your inquiry.

The Arduino Uno runs a ATmega328P which is not supported by J-Link.
Arduino Zero runs a ATSAMD21G18 which is supported by J-Link so you can use them together.
Atmel Studio 7 generally works with J-Link devices, but it has been discontinued by Atmel and will no longer be developed.
So if the ATSAMD21G18 is supported by Atmel Studio i can't tell.
Instead we suggest using our IDE Embedded Studio which is free to use for educational and private purposes and has cpu support packages so you can get up and running with an example project for your device immediately.
More information about embedded studio can be found here:…mbedded-studio/

If you are using a full size J-Link EDU you need the following adapter:…rtex-m-adapter/

With the EDU Miniyou get a 20 pin ribbon cable which you can use with the Arduino Zero as well.

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