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Sunday, December 3rd 2017, 9:29am

Peripherals Stop Working during changing page on emwin.

Hi there.
I 've used keil 4.7 with emwin 5.16 on lpc1788.my gui consist of a main page and some sub pages.when gui shows main page every thing works perfect.but when i i hide main page and show a subpage , peripherals (usb,usart,caputre intterupt) stop working until i return to main page again.how can i solve this problem.
another problem is when i compile program without debug information , my lpc1788 hangs.

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Monday, December 4th 2017, 3:50pm


How do you create the subpage?

If it is a dialog, do not use GUI_ExecDialogBox() or GUI_ExecCreatedDialog(), since these functions are blocking and won't return until the dialog gets deleted. GUI_CreateDialogBox() should be used instead, which allows the application to continue.




Date of registration: Nov 4th 2016

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Thursday, December 7th 2017, 1:34pm

thank u for reply. I 've used GUI_CreateDialogBox().is it possible that AHB BUS priority cause this problem?

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