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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 3:10pm

How to place whole library in specific memory segment

Hi all,
I'm a student and very new with the SEGGER Embedded Studio. I use a STM32L4 uC and the Version 3.34b of the Embedded Studio.
I'm working on a Project where I need to place a whole selfmade library (which contains a lot of object files) at a specific adress in flash.
I already found out how to place a function on a specific adress (with the __attribute__ ((section(".mydata")))) so I already worked with the memory-map-xml-file and the section-placement-xml-file.
Now: how is it possible to place whole libraries (.text, .data and .rodata) in an own memory Segment? Or at least place whole object files?
Many thanks in advance! :)