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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 5:28pm

Strange behaviours of WM_ShowWindow WM_HideWindow

Hi everybody,
I'm facing some strange behaviours in my UI application, base on the STemWin. Foundamentally, the structure of the panel displayed is divided into 4 child windows, as shown in the image attached.
The "bars" are just used for navigation purproses, while it's the Central Window that contains relevant widgets/data.
Problems begin when a change from a panel to another is requested: Central Window is cleared and re-created with new widgets, while toolbars remain without beeing deleting, but the button in the Top Toolbar it's hidden, even if I never call WM_HideWindow() on the button handle.
Also, buttons in navigation toolbar are kept shown after a WM_HideWindow() - WM_ShowWindow() calls and I'm unable to hide them, even if calling WM_HideWindow() in my callback and somewhere else.
Hope someone could help me.
Many thanks
andrea.laini has attached the following image: