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Thursday, January 27th 2011, 10:39am

j-flash arm v4.22a can identify flash id


I am currently working with a custom board built around the Am1808 microcontroller.

external nor flash :am29lv160db.

when I am using J-Flash ARM to detect the nor flash, but without success: at connection it says :

[Connecting ...
- Connecting via USB to J-Link device 0
- J-Link firmware: V1.20 (J-Link ARM V8 compiled Dec 1 2015 11:42:48)
- Using adaptive clocking instead of fixed JTAG speed
- Initializing CPU core (Init sequence) ...
- Initialized successfully
- Using adaptive clocking instead of fixed JTAG speed
- J-Link found 3 JTAG devices. Core ID: 0x07926001 (ARM9)
- ERROR: Flash Id error. Expected 0x12249, found: 0xFFFFFFFF
- ERROR: Failed to connect.


I didnot know how to solve the problem.I can make sure that the hardware is no porblem,because I can write or read the nor flash by application code.

my init sequence is belowing which is tanslate from my application code.


Reset(0, 20); // Reset and halt target
Write32(0x01C10A0C, 0x00000000); // configure the next state for psc0 of EMIFA
Write32(0x01C10A0C, 0x00000003);
Write32(0x01C10120, 0x00000001); // kick off the transition.
Write32(0x01C14134, 0x11000000); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_0
Write32(0x01C14138, 0x01000001); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_1
Write32(0x01C1413C, 0x10110001); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_2
Write32(0x01C14140, 0x11111111); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_3
Write32(0x01C14140, 0x11111111); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_4
Write32(0x01C14144, 0x11111111); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_5
W rite32(0x01C14148, 0x11111111); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_6
Write32(0x01C1414C, 0x11111111); // PINMUX_EMIFA_NOR_REG_7
WriteVerify32(0x68000010, 0x3FFFFFFD); // cs2


Can you give me some help?




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Thursday, February 3rd 2011, 9:32am

Hi qqtolm,

did you try to perform the init sequence manually from J-Link commander
(using the w4 command) and then check if you can access the NOR flash correctly?

If the init sequence is taken from your application and it works there, it should also work in J-Flash.
Did you check that the Flash base address which is configured in J-Flash is also the correct one?

Best regards
SEGGER - Alex has attached the following image:
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