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Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 5:38pm

Printf output in HEW using SEGGER Eval Software for RPBRX62N [UPD]

Dear users,

I work in project and we use RPBRX62N board from Renesas with SEGGER Eval Software for RPBRX62N. I run project called 'Start_RX62N'. Everything works fine, but I can't find way to redirect printf output to HEW Debug console. My question is how I can use console for showing printf messages?

In my project I use stdio.h. Probably I need to configure HEW? Or probably I need to configure SEGGER software?


Now I understand that I should use embOSView tool for system analysis. But how I can configure it? If I understand correctly I need to use J-Link interface to communicate with RPBRX62N. But what settings actually I need? Thanks.

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Friday, June 21st 2013, 8:27am

Hello Pavel,

embOSView with RX runs via serial communication.
Since the RPBR62N has no uart connector you cannot use it.

But you can use printf() with HEW.
You need some additional files which are part of the embOS shipment but also be generated by the HEW project generator.
These files enables the printf() functionality, you will see the output in the HEW terminal window.
The files are named lowsrc.c, lowsrc.h and lowlvl_DebugConsole.src.

Do you use Renesas compiler or KPIT GCC compiler?
I will send you the files in a separate email.

Best regards,

Date of registration: Jun 19th 2013

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Monday, June 24th 2013, 12:36pm

Dear Til,

Thank you for the support. I am newbie in using of SEGGER software with HEW and Renesas board. Sorry for obvious questions.

0. I use Renesas compiler.

1. I've read the manual «Adding Printf and Scanf Support». I've downloaded example called «RX_printf». If I choose Sim_Output build configuration it works and I can use simulated I/O. Good.

2. But when I choose 'DebugConsole_Output and SessionRX600_E1_E20_SYSTEM', HEW says that target device missing. Ok, probably because I use RPBR62N. How I can run this example with RPBR62N?

3. I've tried to use lowsrc.c and lowlvl_DebugConsole.src in project called 'Start_RX62N'. Please, tell me how I can configure 'Start_RX62N' project for printf support? I've attached some screenshots for better understanding what I did.

4. If I understand correctly I need to use this function call: printf -> _Printf -> write -> charput. But current project 'Start_RX62N' uses this function call: printf -> _Printf -> prout -> fwrite ->... . How I can change it?

Thank you,
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