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Date of registration: Apr 8th 2008

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Wednesday, April 9th 2008, 10:22am

J-Flash and AT91SAM9620-EK


I’m trying to use J-Flash (version 3.80b and beta 3.81f) with a SAM-ICE probe together with an AT91SAM9260-EK. When I open the project file “AT91SAM9260_CFI_1x16.jflash” that is installed under samples and try to connect I get the following error messages:

Bad JTAG connection: Write to IR: Expected 0x1, got 0xf (TAP Command : 15) @ Off 0x19FD
Bad JTAG connection: Write to IR: Expected 0x1, got 0xf (TAP Command : 15) @ Off 0x5
And after OK:

Could not find supported CPU core on JTAG chain. Failed to connect.

J-Link seems to recognize the core and gives me the following output. Also I’m able to read and write SDRAM content.

SEGGER J-Link Commander V3.81f ('?' for help)
Compiled Apr 2 2008 19:17:37

DLL version V3.81f, compiled Apr 2 2008 19:17:25
Firmware: J-Link compiled Mar 3 2008 19:52:16 ARM Rev.5

Hardware: V5.20

S/N : 20001090

Feature(s) : RDI

VTarget = 3.280V
JTAG speed: 5 kHz
Info: TotalIRLen = 4, IRPrint = 0x01
Info: CP15.0.0: 0x41069265: ARM, Architecure 5TEJ

Info: CP15.0.1: 0x1D112112: ICache: 8kB (4*64*32), DCache: 8kB (4*64*32)

Found 1 JTAG device, Total IRLen = 4:
Id of device #0: 0x0792603F
Found ARM with core Id 0x0792603F (ARM9)

J-Link>speed auto

Info: RTCK seems to be bridged with TCK

Info: Auto JTAG speed: 8000 kHz

JTAG speed: 8000 kHz

I tried to adapt the project settings (in a way that helped in other forum entries) but without success. Am I doing something wrong?


ps: Here is the log output of JFlash:

Application log started
- J-Flash ARM V3.81f (J-Flash compiled Apr 2 2008 19:17:59)
- JLinkARM.dll V3.81f (DLL compiled Apr 2 2008 19:17:25)
Reading flash device list [C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_V381f\ETC\JFlash\Flash.csv] ...
- List of flash devices read successfully (495 Devices)
Reading MCU device list [C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_V381f\ETC\JFlash\MCU.csv] ...
- List of MCU devices read successfully (236 Devices)
Opening project file [C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_V381f\Samples\JFlash\ProjectFiles\AT91SAM9260_CFI_1x16.jflash] ...
- Project opened successfully
Connecting ...
- Connecting via USB to J-Link device 0
- J-Link firmware: V1.20 (J-Link compiled Mar 3 2008 19:52:16 ARM Rev.5)
- Using adaptive clocking instead of fixed JTAG speed
- Initializing CPU core (Init sequence) ...
- ERROR: Failed to connect

SEGGER - Tobias

Super Moderator

Date of registration: Nov 27th 2007

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Tuesday, April 15th 2008, 5:29pm

Hi Uwe,

Do you have NOR flash on your eval. board ?
J-Flash can only be used to program NOR flash.

Best regards,



Date of registration: Apr 8th 2008

Posts: 2


Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 8:20am

Hi Tobias,

thanks for the info.

No, the At91SAM9260-EK starterkit is just equipped with 256 Mbyte NAND flash and a serial data flash, so both should not work with J-Flash. Is it planned to support NAND flash as well in future versions?