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Tuesday, January 30th 2018, 2:14pm

[ABANDONED] can not connect to Cortex-R5 2cores

I need help.
I can not connect to Cortex-R5 2cores.

'Target device settings' window.

If I then select Cortex-R5 from the 'Core' drop down list, however none of them has more than 1 core as shown under 'NumCores' column.
Can you tell me which one variant I need to use for multicore debuging?
If I select 'Unspecified Cortex-R5' I can connect to core 0.
However, 'CoreSight AP [1]' does not appear.

I'd like to try out ....
If core1 does not appear in the JTAG chain unless you set something on core0, what is the procedure?

Run core0.axf with Ozone => J-Link Commander 'connect' ??

SEGGER J-Link Commander V6.22f (Compiled Jan 12 2018 16:18:39)
DLL version V6.22f, compiled Jan 12 2018 16:18:01

Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K.
Firmware: J-Link Ultra V4 compiled Jan 11 2018 10:41:15
Hardware version: V4.00
S/N: 504404285
License(s): RDI, FlashBP, FlashDL, JFlash, GDB
VTref = 1.822V

Type "connect" to establish a target connection, '?' for help
Please specify device / core. <Default>: CORTEX-R5
Type '?' for selection dialog
Please specify target interface:
J) JTAG (Default)
Specify target interface speed [kHz]. <Default>: 4000 kHz
Device "CORTEX-R5" selected.

Connecting to target via SWD
Found SW-DP with ID 0x6BA02477
CoreSight AP[0]: 0x54770002, APB-AP
ROMTbl 0 [0]: 00020003, CID: B105100D, PID:04-000BB4B1 ROM Table
ROMTbl 1 [0]: 00010003, CID: B105900D, PID:04-004BBC15 Cortex-R5
Found Cortex-R5 r1p3
4 code breakpoints, 3 data breakpoints
Debug architecture ARMv7.0
Data endian: little
Main ID register: 0x411FC153
I-Cache L1: 16 KB, 128 Sets, 32 Bytes/Line, 4-Way
D-Cache L1: 16 KB, 128 Sets, 32 Bytes/Line, 4-Way
TCM Type register: 0x00010001
MPU Type register: 0x00000C00
System control register:
Instruction endian: little
Level-1 instruction cache enabled
Level-1 data cache enabled
MPU enabled
Branch prediction enabled
Cortex-R5 identified.


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Tuesday, January 30th 2018, 4:10pm


Thank you for your inquiry.
Which device are you trying to connect to?
Is it supported by J-Link?
The general R5 architecture is supported but when trying to connect to multi-core devices special handlings are most likely needed.
You can add support for new devices yourself: https://wiki.segger.com/Adding_Support_for_New_Devices

So far for all multi core devices special connect handlings were required. To do this you can use a JLinkScript file. How is described in the J-Link user manual.
Mostly other cores need to be "enabled" through core 0 first before you can connect to them.

Best regards,
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Date of registration: Jan 30th 2018

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Thursday, February 1st 2018, 7:04am

Thanks for the reply.
Generally it is not a sale SoC, I can write detailed information here because of the contract with me and my customers.
If I can not understand the manual carefully, I will consult with my customer and write again.